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The world first “truly” 3D microchip has come into existence, according to KurzweilAI.

Peter Enns lays out the challenge of evolution to the Bible’s conception of the reason for death. Not that he does not find any answer to the question of what God is so mad about: here. Also, an article on how in the higher-education realm evangelicalism socially manipulates reality: here.

One more by Peter Enns, in which he tells the truth about source criticism of the Pentateuch (here). The idea of the Pentateuch being stitched together from multiple sources isn’t dead, or even dying: it’s the consensus view. I bought this slimy apologetic notion hook, line, and sinker, which takes some shifts in how this process is imagined to have happened and how well we can understand this stitching process, and then confuses it with the question of whether the Pentateuch is a patchwork. The truth is that everyone in the know agrees that the Pentateuch is a patchwork; evangelical apologetics smudges this fact a bit. If I hadn’t been taken in by misleading apologetics, I might have avoided spending three years of my life on academic biblical studies just to find out what everyone else seemed to have already figured out: the Bible just isn’t reliable, no matter how many excuses are made for its mistakes.

Here’s why Christianity, at least anything that looks like the religion described in the Bible, is fundamentally abusive: God as abuser. And here’s one on Jesus as a Cult Leader. And another one on abuse and belief in God: here.

One more by Peter Enns, on violence in the Bible: here. Reading it, and the comments section below, is like watching evangelical Christianity commit suicide in real time.

Here’s one on how atheists in Uganda are pushing back.

Daniel Finke explains how religious moderates are part of the problem: here.

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